Titan Battery Minerals Technology Director Natalie Dawson, talks about Titan BMT’s opportunity in the battery technology market for High Purity Manganese, with the Company’s flagship Los Pumas Battery Metals Manganese Project hosting a 30.26 million tonnes of ore deposit located in Chile.

With recent test work by Southern Hemisphere Mining (100% owner of Titan BMT) having confirmed a suitability for HPMSM downstream production (with the ability to produce at site a substantial lower carbon footprint end-product), Dawson explains how important Manganese (and the expected demand) is to future EV battery production.

“The expected increase in demand should have a positive impact on the price of high purity manganese as we progress development.

Going forward, we expect low-cost manganese cathode technology to significantly contribute to lowering the unit cost per kWh of energy storage both for existing lithium-ion batteries but also for newer battery technologies such as sodium manganese batteries.

Manganese has historically been used in lithium battery technologies principally as a stabiliser to decrease battery combustibility and increase density which assists with increasing EV driving range.”

Pricing for manganese is currently ~US$150 per tonne at 38% concentrate, and HPMSM is ~US$1,000 per tonne.

Shipping an end product from Los Pumas amplifies the business case for Titan BMT as well as the substantial carbon footprint reduction by downstream manufacture at the mine.

Titan BMT is starting with a significant manganese mineral resource at Los Pumas in Northern Chile, and is also exploring purifying technologies specific to the battery metals industry with a key focus on becoming embedded in the value chain, especially as battery minerals and technologies continue to evolve. The importance of manganese is continuing to increase in the global drive for competitive battery energy storage to aid in the decarbonisation of the world’s energy supply.

Here is the JORC Mineral Resource Estimate for Los Pumas – as announced to the market by Southern Hemisphere Mining in May 2023.

⚒ On July 5, Southern Hemisphere Mining Limited announced plans to demerge the significant Los Pumas asset in Northern Chile into Titan BMT, with the demerger creating a dedicated, globally focused battery minerals and technology company.

“This is a significant opportunity for Southern Hemisphere,” Dawson added.

“The Los Pumas manganese deposit is substantial (30.26 million tonnes of ore), high quality and geopolitically well suited to serve emerging technologies for energy storage, particularly in the US.”

Read Southern Hemisphere Mining’s ASX announcement from July 5, 2023.

News Release

6 July 2023

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About Titan Battery Minerals Technology – we are a dedicated, globally focused battery minerals and technology company.

Our flagship Los Pumas Battery Metals Manganese Project will convert high-quality manganese mineral resources into High-Purity Manganese Sulphate Monohydrate to supply the Electric Vehicle and battery energy storage markets. In May 2023 – a substantial JORC mineral resource upgrade for Los Pumas was reported with 30.26 million tonnes of ore, including 23.3 million tonnes in the indicated category.

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