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We hope to share news headlines related to Battery Minerals Technology with you on a regular basis, highlighting the role Manganese is playing in world commodity and resource markets, and how our team at Titan BMT are working to help make a better future.

The aim of Titan BMT News is to help inform our markets of the uses of Manganese globally, as Titan BMT’s flagship project is the Los Pumas Battery Metals Manganese Project in Northern Chile, with a current resource of 30.26 million tonnes of ore.

We have three News Items in today’s edition:

  1. Manganese on Critical Minerals Lists – Official Sources.

  2. President Biden invokes Defense Protection Act to boost Critical Minerals supply – NY Times.

  3. Why Manganese is the ultimate battery metals quiet achiever – Stockhead.

Onto the Headlines…

1. Manganese is on the Critical Minerals List for the USA, Australia, Japan and the EU – Official Sources

The following countries, as producers or key end users (other than China) of Manganese, have listed Manganese on their critical minerals list.

Governmental decisions like these, reaffirm the Southern Hemisphere Mining and Titan Battery Minerals Technology strategy.

Titan BMT Director Natalie Dawson comments:

“Titan BMT believes battery minerals and technology are not only important to the global decarbonisation targets, but also are important componentry of defence assets as a power source.”


2. US President Biden Invokes Defense Production Act to Boost Critical Mineral Supply – NY Times

In March 2022, Mr. Biden invoked the Defense Production Act, a move that will give the government more avenues to provide support for the mining, processing and recycling of critical materials, such as Lithium, Nickel, Cobalt, Graphite and Manganese.

Titan BMT Director Natalie Dawson comments:

“These critical minerals are used to make large-capacity batteries that are used in clean-energy storage systems for electric cars, our homes, our offices and defence assets.”

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Note: The Defense Production Act is a Cold War-era statute that gives the president access to funding and other enhanced powers to shore up the American industrial base and ensure the private sector has the necessary resources to defend national security and face emergencies.


3. Why Manganese is the ultimate battery metals quiet achiever – Stockhead

From Stockhead.com.au – July 10, 2023

As the demand for lithium-ion batteries swells, so too does the demand for lesser-known raw materials, like manganese, a key stabilising component in the cathodes of nickel-manganese-cobalt (NMC) lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles.

An afterthought in global commodity markets for the last few decades, almost half of today’s lithium-ion batteries include manganese, and CPM’s projections have that figure jumping above 60% by 2030.

With its ability to increase energy density, equating to longer driving range in the case of electric vehicles, and the added benefit of combustibility reduction, manganese is fast emerging as a vital material to the future of the EV industry and automakers are cashing in.

Volkswagen surprised the industry in 2021 when it announced its intention to incorporate high-manganese cathodes into its future mainstream cathode chemistry.

This represented the first large-scale commitment to manganese-based cathode chemistries by an automaker and sparked a flurry of developments to follow, including Tesla’s Master Plan 3, which revealed that production of nickel and manganese cathodes are already underway for a portion of future vehicles.

But it’s the latest advancement which might have the biggest impact, with researchers discovering that including manganese into an upgraded version of lithium-iron-phosphate batteries (currently the dominant battery chemistry in China) can deliver a range up to 1,000km for a single charge, double the current standard.

Chinese manufacturer Gotion High-tech – a supplier to Volkswagen – said its manganese doped L600 LMFP Astroinno has already passed safety tests, boasting a life cycle of 4,000 charge-discharge cycles and a potential lifetime range of 4 million km.

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